Oriental Technology Solutions partner Alpha Laser GmbH is expanding products range and is offering laser powder bed-based laser beam melting systems with 3D printing. Manufacturer uses laser powder fusion method, when 3D structures are “growing” in thin layers from metal powder placed into powder bed. AL3D-METAL system from Alpha Laser is based on 200W fiber laser, which ensures consistent and optimal printing results. Its fine 50 µm laser spot and the high beam quality are ideal for the production of finest and complex geometries.  Systems can print 3D models, which have diameter from 50 to 100 mm and height up to 60 mm. The transfer of the CAD data is made to the intelligent software AL3D-OS. 3D data can be easily imported, arranged and provided with support structures. The sophisticated powder bed layout with integrated cleaning routine provides a high powder yield. Especially in jewellery production, where high-priced metals must not be wasted, the closed powder circuit and the small construction platform size enable best material utilization . Therefore AL3D-METAL system is effective tool  for the precision mechanics, medical technology, dental and jewellery industries as well as research and development laboratories.

AL3D-METAL video:


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