Laser engraving and cutting systems

Oriental Technology Solutions is offering CO2 laser engraving and cutting systems for non metal materials

Manufacturer Golden Laser.

The systems are equipped with CO2 lasers with power from 60 W to 150 W.

Processing field is available from 550×850 mm to 1300×900 mm. Versions of systems are provided with motorized table height adjustment (Z axis). For solid or flexible materials processing working table can be of honeycombe or knife strip type. Control software PowerCut is included, available input formats: AI, BMP, JPG, PCT, PLT, DXF, DST.

Engraving and cutting systems can be provided with optical recognition modules for process automation.

Applicable materials for processing are:  wood, playwood, chipboard, paper, cartoon, various plastics. Leather, textile and many others.

For specialized applications Golden Laser provides CO2 laser systems with large processing area and with CO2 lasers of power up to 500 W.

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Mars series CO2 engraving and cutting machine

About manufacturer. Golden Laser is manufacturer of professional laser equipment with focus on light industry. Company has started his activity in year 2002. Golden Laser is listed in Shenzhen exchange stock since year 2011 (stock code 300220). Laser systems are equipped with lasers from worldwide known manufacturers Coherent, Rofin ir Synrad, Scanlab galvoscanners, Hiwin positioning systems. Golden Laser manufacturing base is located in Wuhan, Hubei province, famous by Wuhan Optics Valley, largest laser and photonics equipment manufacturing hub of China.

More detailed information about company and products at the website.

Samples of cutting and engraving