Lasers for positioning and measurement

Oriental Technology Solutions is offering lasers, modules and systems for positioning, machine vision and measurement.

Manufacturer – Z-laser.

Using these modules dots, lines, circles and other required shapes can be projected on the surfaces for products, tools, processing places for indication, alignment or positioning. Such devices can be used also together with image aquisition and processing tools for machine vision or measurement.

Semiconductor or DPSS lasers of power from several miliwats up to 6 W are the base units of modules. Available wavelengths: 405-450 nm (blue color), 515-532 nm (green), 635-685 nm (red) ir 785-980 nm (infrared radiation).

Z-laser has in products range galvoscanner based projectors, which allow to create more complex and changeable shapes, including ones on the 3D surfaces.

Mounting, adjustment and other accesories can be provided for modules and projectors of all types.

Z-laser products can be used in:

  • Metals processing
  • Manufacturing of composite products
  • Automotive industry
  • Machine vision and image processing
  • Textile, concrete, glass, paper, medical, food industries and in many other applications.

More detailed information about the use of Z-Laser products at YouTube channel of manufacturer.

Short overview of products

About manufacturer. Z-laser (Z-Laser GmbH ) is German manufacturer of lasers, modules, projectors and accesories with more than 30 years experience. Company‘s products are designed especially for positioning, alignment, machine vision and measurement applications.  Z-laser lasers and systems are succesfully used in metal, wood, paper, textile, automotive industries and in many others fields. Z-Laser Optoelektronik GmbH manufacturing facilities are located in Germany, Freiburg.

More information about Z-laser and products at the company website.